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Individual sessions are client focused; which means you determine what you want to work on. Living according to your unique values, dreams and aspirations is paramount.  My hope is to help you achieve them. 


Relationship dynamics are frequently hindered by an individual's projections to their partner of their own challenges, and attachment behaviors learned in childhood,  Addressing these as a means to improving your relationships can often make an extraordinary difference in the quality of your relationship satisfaction.  Additionally you will have the tools and insight needed to make decisions that are right for you.


Depression and anxiety frequently have multiple causes that can bring on symptoms. Our work is to discover how and why symptoms manifest in you. We will work together to find the appropriate interventions to both alleviate symptoms and address the root causes and conditions. 


Addiction or self medication? Heavy user or dependent? No matter whether it is alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, shopping; the devastating effects can rob one of living a purposeful life.  I am highly experienced at helping you understand what drives your behaviors. Together we will work on a plan and intervention strategies to help you achieve your objectives-whether is simply cutting down (harm reduction) or abstinence.  


Have you experienced a traumatic event such as an assault, accident, injury or illness?  If so these can be the source of post traumatic stress disordered symptoms.  I utilize a variety of interventions to help you heal. 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an evidence based intervention that can be extremely effective for both developmental and incident trauma, addiction and other mental health conditions.  


All of us have experienced some type of relationship trauma over the course of our lives.  Whether it was from parents, teachers, the school yard bully, an intimate partner is not the primary concern.  The concern is how it affects you in your life today and if it prevents you from achieving your dreams and aspirations. 

Healing emotionally and psychologically is based on establishing a trusting and supportive relationship with another.  Our wounds and hurts have taken place in the context of relationship and it is in the same context that healing takes place.  While I frequently utilize several modalities, I place the focus and importance of our relationship above all else.


I have studied mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years.  I am frequently asked by clients to teach them mindfulness and meditation; or to utilize it during our sessions.  It is both a short and a long term strategy for coping with a multitude of stress induced mental, emotional and physical symptoms. 

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